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Yuenling Lager, Light and Black and Tan arrived today, March 3rd and are available in 6-bottle packs.  The Lager and Light are also available in 12-bottle packs as well as 24-can "suitcases".


For March, we introduce 6 new whisky blends and one whisky infusion created by Compass Box Whisky Co.  Compass Box specializes in finding and blending the best single malt and single grain whiskies with no chill filtering and then aging them in the "right" mix of first-fill American oak (bourbon barrels that are used only once and then "first-filled" with Scotch whiskies), new French oak and, in a few instances, first-fill sherry barrels (or "butts").  Each of these whiskies was outstanding and many have (deservedly) won international awards.  The most notable include:

Asyla, a blend of one 10-12 year old grain whisky and two 10-12 year single malt whiskies, is a light, slightly sweet, fruity whisky and has a lovely aroma of fruit tree flowers (orange, apple, peach) that both the neophite and the connoiseur of whisky could both enjoy.

Great King St. Artist's Blend is a blend of aged single grain and single malt whiskies custom blended by Compass Box and then aged in a unique regime of first-fill American oak bourbon barrels and sherry butts as well as new French oak barrels.  This whisky won the award as the "Blended Whisky of the Year" from Whisky Advocate and is spicy, fruity, subtlely smoky, complex and highly perfumed with aromas of vanilla, toasted marshmallow, roasted nuts, and dried stone fruits.

Hedonism is a blended grain Scotch whisky made from three distilleries froma mix of corn, wheat and barley.  The component whiskies are from 13 to 28 years old.  This two time winner of the "World's Bewst Grain Whisky" (2008 and 2009) at  the World Whisky Awards has a rich and complex "nose" (or aromas) of vanilla, toffee, orange zest and toasted caramel, is supple and elegant in the mouth and finishes with lingering notes of creme brulee, spice, cocolate and orange zest.  Expensive but well worth it for a special gift for a whisky lover friend, a special business partner or as a fitting reward for your own birthday!

Orangerie is a unique infusion of blended Scotch whiskies (one single grain and two single malts) and hand-zested Italian oranges, cassia (or Chinese cinnamon) bark and a hint of Sri Lankan cloves.  The orange zest gives this Whisky a pronounced orange aroma and taste and gives it a good deal of sweetness.  I can imagine savoring this in front of a fire served with a decadent chocolate or spice cake. 

Ketel One Vodka 1.75 L Reg. 49.99    Special $42.99 (while supplies last)

We have dozens of wines that are specially priced including "2 fors".  Come in and browse our selection. 

Stella Artois 12-pack bottles $14.99 plus deposit